multiple servers
more animals
more skills
more bioms

UPDATE 25/04/2020
new ABILITY NATURE, allows you to plant fields of healing grass 10hp/s.
new ABILITY GROW, grow 1/2/3/4/5 clones near you by 4 levels.
new ABILITY INTIMIDATION, intimidate 2/4/6/8/10 enemys near you for 8sec.
now BOSS is displayed on minimap
BUFFED DRAGON form, now you can shoot 9 fireballs instead of 3
fixed other bugs

UPDATE 15/04/2020
new BUILDING trap, traps an enemy for 10sec
fixed many bugs

UPDATE 06/04/2020
+ 5 units when nest is created
decresed bots hostility

UPDATE 05/04/2020
HERBIVORES gain +50hp
CARNIVORES gain +3dmg +0.2speed
improved performances

UPDATE 04/02/2020
new ABILITY wolf, gives you more chance to crit x2 (10%,20%,30%,40%,50%)
nerfed BEAR, lose a bit of attack speed
nerfed ELEPHANT, lose a bit of max moovement speed
buffed CURLY, return more damage
buffed TIGER, gain more attack speed
solved many bugs

UPDATE 10/10/2019
new ABILITY rhino, less HP you have more damage and moovement speed you get
new ABILITY curly, returns damage to enemyes who attacks you, returned damage is a % of enemyes damage
reworked all the UI
reworked the tutorial
removed ability FARMER (was too weak, will be reworked)
increased the time to spawn from an egg (needed for future updates)
added background sounds
solved many other bugs

UPDATE 03/08/2019
implemented 2 different bioms
- land with some trees
- jungle with a lot of trees
- after killing him you become a mini BOSS
- your base move speed increase
- you are not slowed by water
- you have new ABILITY
- if you die, you lose the boss buff (don't worry boss respawns)
bots now attack each other or other players
- now gives you HP rigen
- gives more stamina regen
increased time to spawn a clone from egg

UPDATE 06/07/2019
added lakes
- slows you down by 50%
solved many bugs

UPDATE 30/06/2019
added new resource (sticks)
implemeted manger
- you can collect food and store in it
- animals will eat from manger when can't find food
- upgradeable using sticks
new ABILITY backpack, that increases food collecting limit
implemented ramification herbivore / omnivore / carnivore after lvl 12
- herbivore has more hunger and stomach size
- omnivore just more hunger
- carnivore 10% more base speed, has less hunger, not affected by night vision debuff
new ABILITY tiger gives you vampirism and a bit of attack speed
new ABILITY bear gives you a lot of damage
new ABILITY elephant gives you a lot of HP
changed attack speed mechanics
nerfed a bit agility powerup
nerfed night vision debuff
decresed amount of exp needed per lvl
added empty dead bodies
added 3 very powerfull bots
solved few bugs

UPDATE 01/06/2019
added dead bodies
added aggro animation
added new ability that gives you the possibility to plant your trees
- gives you food and heals you
- after some time they will disappear and you get 1 more seed
implemented day and night cycle
- at night all animals view range / 2
improved chase logic of AI
nerfed size ability
- now do not increase hp regen
solved few bugs

FIRST RELEASE 21/05/2019